Enjoy the Winter Special With Hangry Catering Co.

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One of the fundamental parts of a healthy life is eating healthy. However, as we get busy with our routines, eating the right kind of food takes a back seat. At Hangry Catering Co., we care about your diet and strive to provide our clients with the right kind of nutrition at all times.

To help you enjoy a hot and healthy meal, we have introduced a special winter offer that includes our featured soup, sandwich, choice of salad, and cookies for dessert for only $17.95*.

Our regular signature sandwich combo usually is $17.95 without the soup. However, as we recently introduced our new soups which are made from scratch in our kitchens, we’re giving you the opportunity to save $6.00 by opting for our Soup + Sandwich combo for only $17.95.

The meal is ideal for anyone ordering lunch for a meeting or gathering or if you want a lighter and healthier lunch option.

Apart from enjoying a warm, comforting lunch and feeling great about eating foods that aren’t made with fillers or preservatives, you have the opportunity to try out the new items on our menu for 2019.

To take advantage of our winter special, call us at (647) 998-9200 or email us at HangryCateringCo@gmail.com.

As a catering company that offers healthy catering, live breakfast catering, continental breakfast catering, lunch catering, corporate catering, and event catering, we pride ourselves on providing professional catering services to clients across Downtown Core and Toronto, Ontario.

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* Minimum order of 8.

Terms and Conditions apply.